Daydreaming and the future

A short reflection sharing my thoughts on two random words

I often find myself daydreaming about ideal realities way too often haha. I’ll literally pretend I’m some famous person or I’m a spy on a mission and occasionally I’ve taken this seriously like I’ll spend hours thinking I’m in this scenario when really I do know it’s not reality. It’s odd, it could be maladaptive daydreaming but obviously I can’t know from just searching signs on the internet!

Aren’t we all daydreamers though? We all have times when we’re present in person but not in mind. We may be lost in our past mistakes, re-enacting scenarios making them ideal or embarking upon mental journeys of a perfect future. But how often do we think about the present and what we can do now, in this moment, to help our future?

I personally have no plan for the future. Firstly because I don’t really have any aims for what I want to do with my life and secondly because anything can happen between now and later. So I focus on what I’m doing now so that I won’t later regret any time wasted. For example, due to Corona we couldn’t go to school for half a year so whilst also keeping up with school work I revisited old hobbies like miniature model making and playing the piano- I learnt my favourite ‘A Whole New World’ which was so fun! Later on in life I can look back at these projects/recordings and appreciate that the time was well-spent.

To finish, I would love if people could share (by comment) some experiences of their own. What do you find yourself daydreaming about? How clear is your future in your mind?

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