A Funny Holiday Story

This photograph has nothing to do with the story itself but since I’m talking about Dubai I thought I’d add a photo I took at one of my favourite places- Ibn Batuta Mall

Once upon a time I went to Dubai with my family. It was a connecting flight since we were on our way to Pakistan. We always stop in Dubai and make sure to visit every few years because it’s a place very special to us. When I was about 5 years old, we moved to the UAE and lived there for 3 years. That’s when my life really began since most of my earliest memories are from our life in Dubai. I remember it being so fun! We would play in arcades and visits some of the many fun parks regularly. Comparing it to life in England, it was definitely more eventful and there was so much more to do but I guess I don’t realise it as much since we have so many other things now to spend our time doing like schoolwork, watching Netflix shows or creating digital art.

Anyway, so it was a cold dark winter evening and we were at Dubai International Airport, waiting to board our flight to Lahore. We got on the plane and continued with our usual activities (e.g. watching movies, fun fact: me and my sister watch movies together on the plane, like we literally start and pause it at the same time on our screens because it’s more fun that way) So about 2 and a half hours passed and an announcement was made:

‘We have reached Lahore, the time is… and the weather is… Due to high levels of fog, we cannot land just yet therefore we will circle around the airport until it is safe to do so.’

(Roughly what was said)

We were literally there! But we couldn’t land. Ok that doesn’t sound too bad I guess we’ll wait…

After over half an hour the pilot announced that we were GOING BACK TO DUBAI BECAUSE WE CAN’T LAND! We literally went all the way back which was crazy.

But the funniest part was the screen. It literally said:


I wish I had a photo! In the moment seeing that written on the screen was the highlight of the whole journey because it sounds so stupid haha.

Anyway, we safely got back to Dubai and after 4-5 hours, we went back to Lahore and this time we landed. Funnily though, at the airport in Dubai, I saw an old classmate from my school in Dubai from YEAR 1 which was crazy but I didn’t say hi because he probably didn’t know who the hell I was!

So there’s that.

Feel free to comment your funny holiday stories.

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